Davey firefighter pumps



Farm living means dealing with the sometime harsh bush environment. Fire threat over summer means having to be prepared to protect your property and your family.

Davey offers products to help you lift water, treat it, store it and transfer it to where it is needed around your home and property.

No. 1 year on year in Australia the Davey FireFighter leads the rest in offering a design made in Australia for Australia's harsh conditions.

You need an engine powered pump for both asset protection as well as post fire management of burning fences, surrounding vegetation and other structures including buildings.

The Davey FireFighter leads the rest in offering a pump design made in Australia for Australia's harsh conditions.


A fire plan is the first step to ensuring you are on the way to being bushfire ready. The second step is to ensure you, your equipment and your home are protected.

Download this guide to find out our list of recommendations for effective management and maintenance when using our Firefighter pumps.

Protecting lives for over 80 years

For over 80 years, Davey Water Products has been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance people’s lives.

Be it the repair of a farmer’s truck generator, the hand generator for the wireless used by the coast watch soldiers during WW2, the generators that powered farms and business after the war or the pumps that work day in day out all around the world, end users have learnt you can Depend on Davey.


Our solid partnership with leading engine manufacturers Honda Australia, Briggs & Stratton and Yanmar ensure our designs and their engines are performance matched and start first time every time.


Davey's new remote start Firefighter video demonstrating its use in the case of fire protection of your home or assets. Connected to a home sprinkler system, the pump can be switched on remotely via SMS in the event of a fire approaching.

Davey Firefighter Pump - Built Aussie Tough

Interested to know how you use our Remote Start Firefighter? This video demonstrates the full functionality from transferring water to activating for asset protection from an approaching bushfire front. Simple to use, remote start Firefighter backed by Honda Australia, should be part of your bushfire plan to give you real peace of mind.

Davey products

Nubco stock all of these pumps, along with hose by the metre, and various sized kits for the different suction and delivery connections. Please ask our team in store for details.