"All successful companies build strong relationships with their suppliers. Companies don't just purchase goods and services from individuals who happen to be able to supply them. Successful companies recognise the need to build bridges between their organisation and suppliers that they work with by establishing strong buyer/seller relationships.

In saying that, we Hazell Bros have entered into a long term contract with Nubco for the supply of all workshop fasteners and consumables. We have experienced a sense of commitment and trust from this arrangement. We have an understanding to discuss our future needs and then determine how best to satisfy those needs by working together.

Our company's attitude and view of it's suppliers matters a lot for business success. This is a distinguishing feature that Nubco have demonstrated in the duration of contract. Overall Nubco and Hazell Bros are both better served when they come together to form strong, mutually beneficial, and secure business relationships. These relationships exist and they will drive the growth and profitability of both organisations and prevent purchasing and execution problems."