"I have been dealing with Nubco as our preferred industrial products supplier since the commencement of their business in Launceston some 15 years ago.

Fourteen years ago, I had health and financial issues coupled to a fire when I lost everything.
Nubco as they are now, were fantastically supportive. The success we now enjoy is in some part the result of our dealings with Nubco. The same level of friendly service, product and price is still evident today.

If we have required a product that is generally only available from the Big Nationals, they have sourced this and supplied us at a better price.

In other words why purchase from anybody else?

One other advantage of dealing with Nubco is that no matter where we are working in the state, there is a Nubco store close by.

It is great to see a Solely Owned Tasmanian company employing Tasmanians and reinvesting in Tasmania."

Barry Scott